1st day at school…..

Teacher: What’s your name?
Student: Olechuku
Teacher: you in South Africa now so from now on you will be known as Sipho.
Olechuku returned home after school
Mom: How was your 1st day Olechuku???
Olechuku: My name is not olechuku, I’m in SA now and my name is Sipho
Mom: Are you ashamed of your name??? and trying to dishonour your parents?, and your heritage hhhhhhhhhhhhh, shame on you my boy and his mom beat him
Then the mom called the father who beat him as well
The next day Olechuku aka Sipho returned to school.
The teacher saw all the bruises, what happened to you Sipho? She aske
Weeelll maa’aam shortly after becoming South African I was attacked by two Nigerians

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