TOP 11 English words…only in South Africa

TOP 11 English words only South African black people know the proper meaning of.

11. Checkers
Real meaning: Shopping Store
Black Meaning: Plastic Bag 

10. Groovy

Real meaning: Very pleasing
Black meaning: 340ml soft drink can

9. Cold drink (pronounced coldrink)
Real meaning: Opposite of hot drink
Black meaning: Any soft drink especially coke

8. Scuff tin
Real meaning: Scuff – Mark resulting from scraping, Tin – can
Black meaning: Lunch box

7. Ball pen (pronounced Bolpen)
Real meaning: Ball point pen
Black meaning: Any pen

6. I don’t know but, I’m Sure (pronounced Amsho)
Real meaning: I’m certain
Black meaning: Maybe

5. Gym Dress (Pronounced Jimdress AKA Dangara)
Real meaning: Gym – Gymnasium, Dress – Women’s clothing
Black meaning: GirlsSchooldress/uniform

4. Double Up (pronounced Dablap)
Real meaning: Twice as much in size
Black meaning: Short cut

3. Straight Back
Real meaning: Extending continuously in a backwards direction without curving
Black meaning: Corn rows

2. Relax
Real meaning: Calm Down
Black meaning: Chemical Hair Straightening

Real meaning: Cause to move back by force or influence
Black meaning: Very Popular hairstyle where hair is combed away from face.

Life Time Award Winners:

Real Meaning – Process of Growing
Black Meaning – The natural hair when your hair hasn’t been relaxed in a long time

Real meaning – Lacking sight
Black meaning – Very much (too much)

Background (pronounced Backround)
Real Meaning: Behind the scene
Black Meaning: A long Coat usualy worn by American Police

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