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TOP 11 English words…only in South Africa

June 22nd, 2011 Go to comments

TOP 11 English words only South African black people know the proper meaning of.

11. Checkers
Real meaning: Shopping Store
Black Meaning: Plastic Bag 

10. Groovy

Real meaning: Very pleasing
Black meaning: 340ml soft drink can

9. Cold drink (pronounced coldrink)
Real meaning: Opposite of hot drink
Black meaning: Any soft drink especially coke

8. Scuff tin
Real meaning: Scuff – Mark resulting from scraping, Tin – can
Black meaning: Lunch box

7. Ball pen (pronounced Bolpen)
Real meaning: Ball point pen
Black meaning: Any pen

6. I don’t know but, I’m Sure (pronounced Amsho)
Real meaning: I’m certain
Black meaning: Maybe

5. Gym Dress (Pronounced Jimdress AKA Dangara)
Real meaning: Gym – Gymnasium, Dress – Women’s clothing
Black meaning: GirlsSchooldress/uniform

4. Double Up (pronounced Dablap)
Real meaning: Twice as much in size
Black meaning: Short cut

3. Straight Back
Real meaning: Extending continuously in a backwards direction without curving
Black meaning: Corn rows

2. Relax
Real meaning: Calm Down
Black meaning: Chemical Hair Straightening

Real meaning: Cause to move back by force or influence
Black meaning: Very Popular hairstyle where hair is combed away from face.

Life Time Award Winners:

Real Meaning – Process of Growing
Black Meaning – The natural hair when your hair hasn’t been relaxed in a long time

Real meaning – Lacking sight
Black meaning – Very much (too much)

Background (pronounced Backround)
Real Meaning: Behind the scene
Black Meaning: A long Coat usualy worn by American Police

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