Do unto others…

One afternoon a husband arrived home with sad news for his wife…

Husband: Wife, I just received a call, mother(mama) passed away.  Shall we go to town and get some necessities for the funeral? |Please write a list and then we can go.

Wife: A list won’t be necessary, we’ll just get 2 cabbages & 2 litres of cooking oil.

Husband: Is it going to be enough?

Wife: No need to waste money, of course its going to be enough!

(They left for town and after getting two cabbages and 2 litres of cooking oil, the husband asked his wife again if that was all.  She emphasised the issue of not wasting money on the funeral.  They the hit the road towards the village and where the road branches to different villages, the husband driving, took a turn to his wife’s home.)

Wife: Where are we going, thought you said we are going to the funeral, your mother passed away.

Husband: Yes we are; its YOUR mother who passed away.

Wife (shocked & crying): But that grocery is not enough! Lets go back and get some more stuff!

Husband: NO! I asked you over and over if it was all that was needed and you said "yes"; so we are not going back!

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