Can your partner be with your phone for a day and things remain the same?

One Friday morning ,Themba woke up hurriedly and prepared for
work. He worked in a busy institution and was expected early at work.
His wife worked a distance from where her husband’s office was.
As a result of doing things in a hurry, Themba unknowingly, carried his
wife’s mobile phone leaving behind his own. After he had gone his wife
Lerato noticed the mix-up but it was too late for her to do anything
about it. She thought for a while and decided to carry her husband’s
phone in case he came back for it.
On arriving at his place of work Themba noticed that he had confused his
wife’s phone for his but decided not to go back for it. He sighed deeply
because he knew his wife could access romantic messages sent by his many
mistresses. His wife too was disgusted because she had several toy boys.
Drama began to unfold when Themba received an SMS intended for his wife
sent by somebody saved as ‘Peter-Taxi’, which read, “Hi sweetie, hope yo
monin’ is fine, 4 me am okay just mad! My love 4 you kills me. I
couldn’t stop dreaming about you even after we met last evening coz you
hold the password to my heart.” Themba was shocked to see this and
thought he understood why his w ife had come home late the previous
evening. He decided to stay mum to see what more would come.
After one hour he received another SMS from somebody saved as
‘Susan-Salon’ which read, “Moning darling, hope ur fine, am also fine
but not so fine without seeing you next to me coz you control every part
of ma heart. Nice day Ratu, see you at lunch.” The third SMS ticked in
from somebody saved as ‘Winnie-Handbags’ which read, “Moning ma
beautiful queen, I wish you were a gum, I would chew you every time, you
make me feel young like I was born yesterday, you without whom I would
go on a hunger strike. Have a bright day ma dear.”
Themba was deeply shocked by these messages but knew that on the other
side his wife might be seeing drama too. Meanwhile, Lerato had seen even
more than her husband. She had received three messages from three women
that clearly showed they were his mistre sses. The first SMS was from a
woman saved as ‘Sparklin Klean-Car wash’ which read, “Hi deah how’s ur
morning? 4 me am okay with ur son here, he says he loves you so much n
you should come n stay with us. gday.”
Lerato almost fainted on seeing this because she could not believe that
her husband had a son outside marriage. Before her anger was over, she
received a second SMS from’ ‘Omosh-Kinyozi’ which read, “Monin my dear,
hope you are enjoying your day. Mine can’t be complete without you. Every time I
sleep in this house you bought 4 me I dream 2 love u always. The BM u
bought me is perfect on road. Thanks, g’day.”
The last message came from ‘Karanja-Electrician’ and read, “Sasa honey?
Hope u r fine. pls i am not happy wit u. u promised to send me money
since last week,But i have not seen it. honey pls send me the 40k for
the project. Hav a nice day, love you big.”
Lerato had found the answer to why her husband was always penniless!
When evening came Themba and Lerato met at home. They could hardly talk
but only stared at one another with suspicion

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