College Students Caught Having Sex On University Rooftop(Photos)

An inquiry has been launched after a couple were caught apparently having sex on the rooftop of a USC building – allegedly in front of hundreds of people.

Officials at the university were outraged as photographs of the couple – many of which were too graphic to be shown here – quickly went viral.

The images apparently show the man, who is a student at the university, and a woman cavorting in a variety of sexual positions on top of the school’s 12-storey Waite Phillips Hall in Los Angeles on Saturday.


kappa usc sex 3 imgur com




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6 thoughts on “College Students Caught Having Sex On University Rooftop(Photos)

  1. If you graduate USC without having sex in/on at least one of the buildings then your degree should be revoked. Sucks for these two that someone had a camera/it was mid day.

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