Khany Mbau Does It Nude Again…NSFW

Naked photos of Khanyi Mbau have leaked proving AGAIN that if you have these kinds of photos of yourself you really shouldn’t keep them on your computer OR phone!! or you will be the next  Kim Kardasian in the on the read more link to see the leaked pics!!.








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13 thoughts on “Khany Mbau Does It Nude Again…NSFW

  1. Guys u need to understand that khanyi and her boyfriend at the time took those pics in the privacy of their own home. She did not take these pics to be seen by every1, it was only meant 4 her boyfriend’s eyes only, they we’re jst having sum sexy fun in their own privacy, which I’m sure we all do sumtimes. But sum1 got hold of these pics and posted thm on the internet, or mayb the ex boyfriend who took thm posted thm. So its not khanyi’s fault. I’m sure she feels bad nd embarrased by all this. So stop blaming her like she posted these pics on purpose 2get attention. Its not like that

  2. Dam gal u rise mzansi from stroms and rain show dem what u got ur supreb gal hope to see many many of ur pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-).

  3. Khanyi is a thoroughbred bitch.the stunt with theunis never worked and primrose bonked her ass on twitter shes like a comet here nw gone th nxt min.these are the frantic grasps of a ‘dying’ dramaqueen.

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  5. She has a nice booty, however she’s never had a proper fuckery!
    Ujwayel’ amagwala xem. A keze la uzozwa sengathi uyasha..!

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