Photoshopped Or Real?


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5 thoughts on “Photoshopped Or Real?

  1. so someones taken a picture of this girl, who’s obviously worked her ass off to have such a badonkadonk, and everyones hating on her? Can I ask why? Because you think shes fake? Because your not as good looking? Funny how most of the ‘haters’ are female? Fucking get over yourselves, noone is comparing you to her (unless you somehow bring that upon yourself).
    Ugly butt and thighs? Id give up all your left arms to do a line of coke off that ass, even if I couldn’t tap it afterward. And then let her strangle me with those thighs.
    Stop being jealous and insecure, yes society has practically preprogrammed you to hate yourself, doesn’t mean you cant enjoy the aesthetics of things.
    Regardless of what ANYONE says, there is nothing ugly bout what we can see of her. Are we supposed to be attracted to saggy, cellulite ridden asses (yes I know that cellulite affects randomly, stfu) JUST to make you feel better about yourself? Because now you meet the status quo? STFU, quit your bitching, fix yourself up before being so critical of others, because trust me – you ain’t perfect.

  2. Who really gives a fuck? I could care less if she reAl or fake.. She still a nobody to me and every worthless mans so called fantasy …. Every town needs a fake ass ho wether she fake or real

  3. Jealous ladies? It matches just fine. I know shorter women with bodies just like this.

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