Things You Should Not Say About Your Ex

Having any kind of relationship with an ex is complicated – really, really complicated. There are so many emotions swirling around that even just talking to your ex can quickly turn into a messy, dramatic situation. To avoid that, there are some things you should never say to your ex, like ever.

Whether you want your ex back or never want to see him again, it can be hard to bite your tongue to keep yourself from saying the things you really want to say. But, for your sake, try to keep the word vomit in check. Words can’t be taken back and you don’t want to come off as immature, angry or desperate when I know you’re not any of those things. To help you out, here is a little guide to things you should never say to your ex. Create imaginary dialogue in your head, say them to your friends, write them out… just don’t say this stuff to your ex.

He/she broke my heart. In fact your ex might break your heart, but keep it to yourself. It was in the past. If you tell your date about your ex, and worse, in a very sad way, your date may think that you still love your ex more than him/her.

He/she also took me here when we were dating. When your date takes you to a certain place, big chance that he/she want to consider that place as a special place for the two of you. So, do not ruin his/her wishes by telling him/her that your ex also took you to the same place.

We used to plan to do it too. Depend on how close your relationship with your ex, the two of you might have a lot or plans to do something together in the past. You don’t need to tell your date if the things that your date is planning with you used to be the thing you used to plan with your ex.

My parents like him/her. Your date want to feel that he/she’s the best person for you. Knowing that there were another person you love might already make him/her very upset, so don’t make it worse by making him/her think that your parents love your ex more.

You still contact him, sometimes. Your relationship with your ex may be ended so smooth that the two of you decided to stay in touch. Would you like it if your date is somehow still related to his/her ex? Why? If you don’t like it, then so does the person that you’re dating with, and for the same reason.

All the good thing about your ex. Again, keep it to yourself. Do you really need to risk your current relationship by saying that your ex is better than your date?

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