Removing Gorillas …

A woman woke up one morning to find a ferocious-looking gorilla in a tree on
her African plantation. She quickly phoned the local game warden, who
arrived minutes later.

In one hand he held a shotgun, and in the other the leash of a fierce
Doberman pinscher. As they walked to the tree, the warden explained, "What’s
going to happen is that I go up the tree, throw the gorilla out, and the dog
clamps his teeth on the gorilla’s balls." The woman nodded and was surprised
when he handed her the gun. "You know how to use this?" he asked. "I do,"
she said, "but what’s it for?" The warden replied, "Well ….. sometimes the
gorillas are pretty tough and throw me out of the tree. If that happens, I
want you to do one thing."

"Shoot the gorilla?"

"No," he answered, "the dog."

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