Please advise!!!

Dear Editor
Here is my story too, I hope I will get positive advice from you readers.
I traveled to Lusaka to buy clothes for my shop about four months ago and had to spend a few days in my sister’s place. I called her but her number wasn’t going so when I got to Lusaka I contacted her husband who told me that she went to Kabwe central province on official assignment.
He agreed that I should come over and do my transaction from their house.
It was raining when I got there so I got socked, especially while trying to get their keys from a neighbor. They live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I had to go inside the room to change. I was really cold and was already wishing I had a man I could visit in Lusaka when the unexpected happened.
Due to the rain my sister’s husband came in through a back door from the kitchen straight into the bedroom and I was completely nude; I couldn’t even bend down to pick my clothes. I was just standing there motionless until he grabbed me and, yes, we did it.
We didn’t feel any guilt, just laughed about it and I prepared food. We both ate, slept together and had sex all night with each other. The sequence continued for the three days I spent in Lusaka but after the first time we agreed he shouldn’t release his sperm inside me.
Am now back to Kafue where I do my business, but unfortunately I’m pregnant. No man friend, no boyfriend, no sex mate…. So who will I give this pregnancy to? My sister’s marriage is less than a year and I just cant mention this to her husband.
The options I’ve thought of is either to kill myself or have an abortion. Is there any other way out of this mess I’ve gotten myself into?
Please I need help, and I need it fast!


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One thought on “Please advise!!!

  1. I don’t mind keeping a pregnant that is not mine as long as you have love in your heart then we can make it together. Call me on 0955990931

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