What would be your reply?

I am a 26year old female.

My parents died when i was 8 then i dropped out of school because no one could afford to pay my fees.

I then met this guy when i was 14 and he sent me back to school.

He was selling fruit by the street just to pay my fees.

He then got a job as a truck driver and sent me to university.

My problem is that i feel i can’t continue with this relationship because he is not my type.

How best can i tell him that he is not my type without hurting his feelings??

I am grateful that he sent me to school but i can’t be in a relationship with him anymore.

I want somebody in my own class not a truck driver.

Please help!

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3 thoughts on “What would be your reply?

  1. Not your type, wtf? If he wasn’t ur type u should’nt have let him do all those things for u. He sold fruits in the street for u, I mean……… Look, him not being ur class is coz he stayed down so he can educate u to get where u are. I suggest u get over urself and stick with him.

  2. WTF, he made you what you are!! if it wasnt for him you would have been a nobody, he educated you and now its your turn to make him your type

  3. Do you know what you would have been if not for this guy? u would have been an orphan and look at it this way even your family didnt worry about u. The way i look at it, u used the guy and you are so ungratefull. If it was me i would worship the guy for what he has done.

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