Top 10 Tips For Making It With A Foreign Woman


Valentine’s Day is fast upon us, and once again, hundreds of thousands of men will be spending it alone, pining for someone special in their lives. The international dating experts at Anastasia International, the world’s largest international online dating company, offer these top 10 tips to American men to land the beautiful, exotic woman of their dreams.

Put your best cyber-foot forward. Just like you, the first thing foreign ladies are going to look for is your profile photo so make sure you’re looking good. Your photo should be in focus, well-lit and clearly show your face or head and shoulders. And smile! A genuine smile will go a lot farther than a picture of you with your shirt off leaning against your Miata (especially if that photo is a few years old). As well, keep your profile fresh by updating it regularly. Contine reading

Lies Women Tell Their Boyfriends.


"I didn’t do anything over the weekend.."

Lie. This translates into "I got drunk and had lots of sex that I regret having now that I’m sober, but I’d rather not sound like a slut, so I’ll give you the false impression that I live a modest life sitting at home and reading over my weekends, so you’ll have to find out what I really did from people talking behind my back." This is probably closer to the truth than most people think. And don’t mail me some politically correct rant saying "well not every girl is like that blah blah blah…" I know that not every girl is like that. Nobody cares.

"I’ve never had sex before…"

Lie. Unless you ignore all those times I’ve been felt up on dates, performed and received oral, fooled around with other girls, etc etc etc. Why do girls lie about this? It doesn’t have to be coitus for it to be sex. Sex is sex. Quit trying to give people the false impression that you’re innocent and pure. Just tell the truth. If you’re embarassed about it and regret doing it, then you probably shouldn’t have done it in the first place. At the very least, you could respect yourself by telling the truth.

"I’ve only kissed one guy…" Contine reading

The Most Unfaithful Women in the World are Nigerians


Nigerian women have been ranked first in the world for being the most unfaithful partners in a relationship. According to the survey conducted by the manufacturers of Durex condom, 62% of the Nigerian women that were interviewed confessed to have cheated on their partners.

Other countries following Nigeria are;
Thailand second place at 59%
Malaysia third place at 39%
Russia fourth place at 33% and
Singapore fifth place at 19%

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