Crazy stories involving church leaders

Evangelist Franck Kabele, 35 met his untimely death earlier this year after trying to recreate Jesus’ miracle of walking on water.

According to, a determined Kabele told his congregation that he had had a revelation that he would be able to cross the waters just like Jesus did, all it would take is enough faith.

“He took his cegation to the beach saying he would walk across the Komo estuary, which takes 20 minutes by boat,” a witness reportedly told Glasgow Daily Record.

“He walked into the water, which soon passed over his head and he never came back.s” May he rest in peace. Contine reading

Good News for Poker Fans! Try 888poker

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Dad drinks daughter’s blood

OVER and over the voices in his head repeated their evil instructions. Finally he could no longer resist the voices and attacked the first human being he could find – his own four-year-old daughter . . .


The 27-year-old father told cops he had heard the voices for weeks. “Drink blood, drink blood,” the voices told him. He was in his rented shack in Ivory Park, Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, with his wife and his daughter when, it seems, he could no longer resist. Contine reading

11 year old at university

An 11-year-old aspiring physicist and “Star Wars” fan has become the youngest student ever in the history of Texas Christian University.

Carson Huey-Yu graduated in May as a co-valedictorian from the Accommodated Learning
Academy in Grapevine when he was still 10, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported.
His mother drives him to TCU in Fort Worth from their home in Southlake  after dropping his younger brother at school and then spends the day on campus with him. Claretta Huey-Yu said her son, still less than 5 feet tall, needs help with his backpack. “It weighs more than he does,” she said. Contine reading

Ten questions guaranteed to start a fight

1. What took you so long?
2. Do you even know what day it is today?
3. Don’t you think it’s your turn to wash the dishes?
4. Do you know what you do that really irritates me?
5. Have you even looked in the mirror today?
6. You know what gets me about your mother?
7. When last did we have sex?
8. Did you see what your son did?
9. You didn’t forget to pay that account did you?
10. Why are we having chicken again?