Real Men

Real Men will never force there girlfriends to have sex.
Real Men don’t sleep around with different ladies to prove that they are men enough.
Real mean respect there girlfriends and preserve there virginity till the wedding night.
Real men fear God and follow his ways

Tips for a healthy marriage

marriageMarriage isn’t like a relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend, it can’t be easily dumped when troubles come to wreck your loving home.

10 basic tips for a healthy marriage

1. There is no such a thing as perfect marriage

If you ever want to be in a marriage that won’t fail, that will guarantee to stay by your side for life and be filled with unlimited love or give you so much pleasure that you will be in Heaven. Simply get married to a dream.

2. Surround your marriage with people who help build and not break it

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Broke guys should be denied Sex.

Broke Guys shouldn’t be given the Privilege of having Sex. What on earth are they even celebrating? They should be out there looking for money and hustling hard.

Women should stop pampering broke guys. Is it even normal to have an erection or even feelings when you are broke? How on earth do you even sustain an erection on an empty wallet???Bills are on your neck, debts are chocking you, your shoes are worn out and the landlord is stressing you. Seriously??. Contine reading