World’s first Google Glass porn made(Video)

World_039_s_first_Google_Glass_porn_made_1374708110_3114The inevitable has happened: porn stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas have made a film with Google Glass. In a thoroughly NSFW trailer, the pair use Glass cameras to capture video and see through each others’ eyes in a reception room tryst — but it’s not just recording. The trailer is a parody of everything you can imagine doing with a pair of futuristic glasses: turning on X-ray vision, accidentally making explicit Google searches, using a facial recognition database to look up… relevant anatomical details about a passing stranger. Did you know that “Glass” also rhymes with the name of a body part? James Deen does.

Given that Glass has been in the wild for some time, we’re extremely doubtful this is the first X-rated video made with it. Contine reading

Driver in trouble with cops and wife (video)

Driver_in_trouble_with_cops_and_wife_1373878669_2238A Chinese motorist ended up in trouble with the police, and his wife, after he was caught on camera with no seat-belt – and a pretty passenger.

The Volvo driver and his female passenger were pulled over by police for the minor motoring violation when events took a surprising turn, china-smack reports.

It turned out the man did not have his driving licence with him and had to call his wife to bring it for him.

It was at that point that he quickly waved his ‘co-worker’ away, promising to call her later.

He was then confronted by his wife who wanted to know why he had left work early after telling her that he would be stuck in a meeting until well into the evening.

And, after hearing the police officer telling the motorist he would also be fined for his passenger’s failure to wear a seat-belt, she wanted to know who had been in the car with him and whether it was a man or a woman. Contine reading