Get married and be happy.

First and foremost ladies don’t be desperate for love that makes you seem weak and vulnerable and men will use you.. I’ve prepared some guidelines for you and remember to not have sex too quickly in a relationship babe I promise a man will wait if he wants a wife.. Enjoy the pointers below and add your own

1. Stop being insecure, insecurities in a relationship are like termites to a wooden house slowly but surely they will destroy it.

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A big penis is big problem in a marriage

The study, published in the online Journal PloS One, was led by US and Kenyan researchers, found that every extra inch boosts the likelihood of wives engaging in extramarital affairs.

"We included this variable because of the interest and controversies that surround men’s pursuit of penile enlargement ostensibly to sexually satisfy their spouses while women do not necessarily approve of it," the researchers wrote.
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