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Are you an Angel or a Vampire?

May 22nd, 2014 No comments

vampire_angelVampires deflect from the light.

Angels reflect the Light.

When the Light is shining on them, Vampires hiss and spew and bare their fangs as they scamper back into the darkness. Angels smile as they bathe comfortably in the presence of that very same Light.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

May 21st, 2014 No comments


The one on the right had no choice. She was put on open display, her body studied, stared at and dissected after her death. All to satisfy the curiosity of white folks within and without the European scientific community.

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Why I left my ex?

May 20th, 2014 No comments

People always asked me why I left my ex, let me share: She always complained that I wasn’t like her ex she told me more times than one to be like her ex so I dumped her, that was being like her ex right? There you have it

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Message To Women

May 19th, 2014 No comments

womenMessage To Women, Being Sexy Is Not Enough, written by Major Mack.

Are black women sexy? No doubt! When it comes to sexiness sisters have no equal. But can I be honest with you? I’m actually TIRED of sexy black women. Now hear me out on this, please.

Sexiness don’t mean jack snot. Not in the grand scheme of things. Visually appealing, yes. But I can’t eat sexiness. Sexiness won’t help pay these bills or pay off our student loans. Sexiness won’t qualify for a mortgage, or get the IRS off my back long enough to make my next big business move.

Sexiness won’t help me raise these kids. Neither will it teach my daughters their true worth and value in this world.

We got way too many ‘Sexy’ sistas out here with nothing else to bring to the table. Sexiness is the totality of their package. And that’s WACK!

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May 18th, 2014 No comments

Prostitution (n): The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

By the way, this does not only apply to those women in brothels and street corners who stand in the blistering cold selling their bodies. If you are in a relationship or marriage for material benefits, having sex with someone solely for the reason that they remunerate you materially, then it is not incorrect to say you are a prostitute

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Hello Hoes.

May 17th, 2014 No comments

A faithful honest caring man dumps you like a dog because you cheated on him with another guy and he takes back all the things he bought for you and tells the whole world and Facebook that you’re a dirty stinking slut who sleeps around with niggas on the side thou you got a loving honest and caring man at home.

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Do Not Marry Any Woman Who is Older Than 25

May 16th, 2014 No comments

I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a woman who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me.

If you meet your wife when she’s older than around 23 or 24:

You are eating someone else’s cold leftovers, then doing their dishes.

You are showing up to a party after everyone has left and cleaning up after them.

You are getting into a taxi and paying the fare of the person who got out before you.

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Now you need to know if she’s a Hoe

May 15th, 2014 No comments

•1. If she can run while wearing heels- She’s a Hoe.

•2. She has that lady Gaga Style & Nicki Minaj hair styles. – She’s a Hoe.

•3. She wears leggings every damn day. – She is a Hoe.

•4. She attends parties more than school. – She’s a Hoe.

•5. She says to her friend “I got a date wit my man.” & her friend says “Which one? “- She’s a Hoe.

•6. All guys are de same. She has tasted a lot of niggas. – She’s a hoe.

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