Eagle eyebrows

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This made me smile today

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Man with two penises

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A man in the US was born with two penises.

He went on Reddit and did an AMA session (‘Ask Me Anything’) and graciously answered everybody’s curious questions. And there were about 12, 000 questions. Literally.

He has a condition called Diphallia, a very rare occurrence in which a male is born with two penises. Both are functional – meaning both can pee and both can ejaculate. No, he is not ashamed. Yes, he uses them both during sex, sometimes in the same hole at the same time (he’s bisexual, and both men and women have been able to take both at once).


Here’s some of the other questions people asked “DoubleDickDude” (probably not his real name):

Do they both hang to one side of your pants, or do they split the seam?

DDD: when i go commando, which is almost always except in winter, they take their own sides. the seam can be a pain sometimes because the skin between them is a little delicate and sensitive.

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Six-year-old boy accused of raping his cousin

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Malaysia – A Malaysian boy aged six has been accused of raping his five-year-old cousin in a case believed to be the one of the first of its kind in the world.

Doctors discovered she had been sexually penetrated after a medical check-up – and despite initial scepticism a consultant urologist at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital said it was possible for a child that young to have an erection.

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Advice for man

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Advice for man

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Looking for a smart girl to start a relationship

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Looking for a smart girl to start a relationship

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Penis Size Does Matter To Women

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What’s more, prehistoric women who could see the sex organs of their scantily clad male counterparts may have helped influence the evolution of larger genitals in men by choosing to mate with partners who were bigger. Researchers said they decided to tackle the topic because past studies had offered conflicting answers, and may have been sullied by asking the women too directly.

“Since penis size is a sensitive subject, it’s hard to determine whether females lied or ‘self-deceived’ in their responses,” lead author Brian Mautz, a postdoctoral researcher in evolution and sexual selection at the University of Ottawa, told AFP via email. Read more…

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Weird things men like in women

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Sometimes daring to be a little different can really help you out. Being like everyone else never pays out in a great way. Men like women who are different, so much so that many a times, the weird things that you do, can attract them majorly. The likes and dislikes of the two sexes differ in approach. So, here are some of the weird and surprising things that attracts men in women.

1. No make-up: Oops. Sorry girl. There’s a great chance that your guy hasn’t even noticed your smokey eyes or the new bronzer on your face. Save money and turn him on! Read more…

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Top reasons why men cheat

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cheatingWhat makes men cheat? Dr Kamal Khurana,relationship counselor, dug through past research on male infidelity, and has even counseled couples and has arrived at the conclusion that most answers are from the wife’s point of view. Here, some of his findings:

1. Disturbance in the marriage as the primary reason
When there are regular fights at home with his wife, which are left unresolved, a pattern sets in wherein he continues to be unhappy and ‘disturbed’. In this kind of a scenario, either he can fight or he can flee. When he looks for an affair, he is looking to flee from dealing with the issues in the marriage, and be comfortable with that ‘other person’. It is telling oneself that the problems do not affect anyone and life can continue in a better way with a parallel support. Read more…

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