Don’t Like My Driving?

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Brazilian Big Brother housemate raped on live TV?

January 24th, 2012 3 comments

A housemate on Brazil’s version of Big Brother has been raped live on TV, it has been alleged.

Police confirmed they had begun an investigation and carried out a search of the studios in Rio de Janeiro, where the popular reality show is being filmed.

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Who Is This Girl And How Do I Meet Her?

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Sadly Not Photoshopped

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A Rich Husband

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A very rich man was in a restaurant with his wife. After a number of cups of coffee one lady came and greet a man.
Wife: Who is that?
Husband: My second wife
Wife: I cant take it, give me a divorce
Husband: Ok i will, and i wonder where you will be getting trips and travels, who will send you to saloon two times a week, when you will drive BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini again coz i am not gonna give you any of my cars.
After few minutes another woman come and greet the man and go away.
Husband: This is my friend’s second wife.
Wife: Oh really? But she is not as cute as our second wife

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How To Make Mormon P*rn

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Something for the boob lovers(5 pics)!!!

January 23rd, 2012 2 comments
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The Internet – Helping To Uncover Dirty Family Secrets

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