World’s Oldest Virgin

December 28th, 2011 2 comments


World’s oldest virgin has revealed the secret of her longevity on the eve of her 105th birthday — no sex. Clara Meadmore has never had sex in her life because she has always been ‘too busy’ for intimate relationships and it

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Traveller’s Love Story

December 26th, 2011 No comments

A man and a woman who had never met before, but were both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a transcontinental train.

Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly….. he in the upper bunk and she in the lower.

At 1:00 am, the man leaned over and gently woke the woman saying, "Ma’am, I’m sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to reach into the closet to get me a second blanket? I’m awfully cold."

"I have a better idea," she replied. "Just for tonight, let’s pretend that we’re married."

"Wow! That’s a great idea!" he exclaimed.

"Good," she replied. "Get your own blanket."

After a few moments of silence, he farted.

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So your girlfriend got drunk last night

December 26th, 2011 No comments

We have all seen that girl at the party having way too much fun.  Dancing, singing, hanging on people.  Well, this is what happens after all of that fun stuff is over.

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WTF is She Wearing?

December 26th, 2011 No comments


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Girl caught by her mom having sex

December 22nd, 2011 1 comment

lol, gotta love Spaniards.

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Woman Uses Elevator as a Bathroom

December 22nd, 2011 2 comments

I can understand not wanting to wait in those long lines for the woman’s bathroom, but this just seems a little ridiculous…

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Top links on the internet

December 21st, 2011 No comments

  • Molly Cavalli is the Whooty of the Day [TwitPicOfTheDay]
  • The Boston Herald claimed the Red Sox are “Greatest Team Ever”[GodBlessTheInternet]
  • Guy does a great job describing a car accident [GiggityGreg]
  • Kate Middleton is too hot for words [RoughMag]
  • 10 best jobs for adrenalin junkies [GuysGab]
  • Top 5 rap dis songs [Gunaxin]
  • 30 hot girls holding guns [ABlogForGuys]
  • Ashland asshole arrested [iBlackedOut]
  • Stacy Kiebler Culo video [MoonDog]
  • Animals are more desperate for sex than men [ShinBow]
  • Detroit Lions cheerleaders calendar photoshoot [ItsAlwaysSunny]
  • Alison Bree upskirt video from episode of Community [CelebJihad]
  • Yes please vs no thanks [RegretfulMorning]
  • Thanks Smokey [TIFR]
  • Trick The Bridesmaid: Bad lip reading [NaughtyBits]
  • An amazing tribute to Halo [TopCultured]
  • PETA’s new ad promotes shark attacks [DogAndPonyShow]
  • 10 ways to magically influence people [Shave]
  • Worlds best pick up artist [Gedzo]
  • Lariyah Daniels adds her to her body of work [ElliotHarris]

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Aisha Tyler See Through Dress

December 21st, 2011 No comments

Aisha Tyler wearing a very sexy and semi-sheer dress! Love her and need more pics from whatever event this is from.


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