South African jealous woman cuts off boyfriend’s penis

October 9th, 2013 No comments

JOHANNESBURG – A woman appeared in the Meadowlands Magistrate’s Court after cutting off her boyfriend’s penis, Gauteng police said on Monday.

The woman caught her boyfriend with another woman on Sunday and ordered them to strip naked, said Constable Sibusiso Chauke. Read more…

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Wife cuts off husband penis

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SAO PAULO – A Brazilian woman cut off her husband’s penis after she caught him cheating on her with a man, a report said Friday.

Upon learning of her husband’s indiscretion, the woman did not act at first but days later proposed a sex game during which she tied him to their bed.

As he lay still, she cut off his penis with a serrated knife, the G1 website of Globo television reported. Read more…

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Johannesburg Sex Pest Teacher’s Whatsapp Conversation With Pupil

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A Hyde Park High School teacher has been arrested after he sent a picture of himself naked in the bath. This image formed part of a Whatsapp chat with a 16-year-old kid. Unfortunately for him, it was actually the kid’s mother..

According to EWN:

A Johannesburg teacher has been arrested after sending his 16-year-old pupil a naked photograph of himself sitting in a bathtub and unwittingly engaging in a late night WhatsApp conversation with the boy’s mother.

Here is the Whatsapp transcript: Read more…

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Catch of the day

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Catch of the day

OMG what a catch, now that is a real fishermans tale.

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Shaquille O’Neal And Kevin Hart Pose For The Best Photo The Internet Has Ever Seen

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Shaquille O Neal And Kevin Hart Pose

I always knew Shaquille O’ Neal was a big guy, But I think this picture puts things into perspective.

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I Had Sex With Dad

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A 40-YEAR-OLD man of Chikola in Chingola, who is alleged to have impregnated his 13-year-old daughter, has told the Chingola Magistrate’s Court that his daughter had a habit of disappearing from home and returning at odd hours.
This is in a case in which Friday Samakumbi is charged with incest which is contrary to Section 159 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
In his defence before Resident Magistrate Angela Kafunda on Tuesday, Samakumbi denied having sex with his daughter.
“The whole matter was fabricated by our neighbour who used to keep her at her house,” Samakumbi said. Read more…

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Internet cafe a’la Africa!

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When your back is against the wall, you’ll do practically anything!

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This is why i live in Africa

October 1st, 2013 No comments

This is why i live in Africa

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