Poor wife

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My wife and I were having a serious quarrel when I said to her ….”pack your things and…”At that point ,her phone rang ,so I had to stop for her to receive the call .It was her dad .The phone was on speaker so I could hear what he was saying .After the usual pleasantries between father and daughter ,he said :”my daughter ,I have transferred $1,000 ,000 into your account ,give your husband $500 ,000 out of it ,and you can have the other half .”After the good-byes ,the call ended ,and she turned to me :”you said I should pack my things and what ?”” Read more…

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Every man’s dream?

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Broke guys should be denied Sex.

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Broke Guys shouldn’t be given the Privilege of having Sex. What on earth are they even celebrating? They should be out there looking for money and hustling hard.

Women should stop pampering broke guys. Is it even normal to have an erection or even feelings when you are broke? How on earth do you even sustain an erection on an empty wallet???Bills are on your neck, debts are chocking you, your shoes are worn out and the landlord is stressing you. Seriously??. Read more…

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Side chick vs main chick

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Faulty Man Logic

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Camel Toe Challenge

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Nicki Minaj releases Anaconda video

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AnacondaNicki Minaj and a group of scantily clad dancers can be seen twerking and gyrating to the music with the lyrics: “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun Read more…

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